Manned Guarding & Security Service Serving today business environment has become more challenging than ever .if you are a new entity business it is highly unlikely that you posses all skills necessary to build your company, grow your business and dominate your market place .Using an outsourcing company in one way to manage uncertainty and grown their business in any environment.

The Guarding Division of Job East. in is a professional Total Security Solutions and Risk Management Enterprise. We provide innovative and strategic security based business solutions and specialized services customized to minimize loss.

Recruitment & Sourcing Solutions:

Our recruitment consultants have vast experience in Sourcing, interviewing and Skill Assessment. We have been able to attract the local talent pool and provide resources to our clients on a timely basis. The various sourcing methods adapted are advertising, head hunting, networking, employee referral schemes and existing database.

Recruitment services across industries and sectors for sourcing solutions.
  • Recruitment Process Out-sourcing
  • Candidate career mapping, placements & �value-added�
talent acquisition
  • Requisition assessment & comprehension
  • Strategy deployment for staffing solutions
  • Candidate profiling & screening for match
  • Candidate interview, assessment, compensation fixing
  • Candidate background & referral checks
HR consultancy services

of our organization allows us to meet the recruitment goal of our clients. We take the primary interview from the candidates, provide them with details information about the job profile and the information about the clients' organization. Thus our consultancy ensure to satisfy both the employers and the job seekers to fulfill their demand.

Our consultancy service Focuses on:

Employment Law and policies related to employment Payment mode of the employee Survey of the employees We provide an on-tap as needed outsourced HR Management service to small clients & work closely with colleague HR consultants in the areas of: Diversity and equal opportunities Internet requirement Counselling and coaching

Payroll, Benefits and Compliance Management

Vertical offers superior control through our best in class technology along with the convenience and peace of mind for tax filing and other PAN India Statutory Compliance services. Depending on client organization�s size, industry and budget. Value added services like voice/email/online help-desk can also be provided.

Temporary Staffing

Our Manpower Outsourcing (temp staffing) service has gained the trust of global clients. The trouble in this field is to get the perfect candidate at the time of requirement. We outsource manpower in different sectors of the industries like FMCG, OTC, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing, Service, Consumer Durables and the professionals required to fulfil the needs of different sectors. Basically we supply young, talented and energetic candidates to our customers.

Positivity of using Contract Staffing:
  • Employee cost a variable cost
  • Overcome manpower problem
  • Avoid negative publicity
Positions that can be out sourced:
  • Sales Executives
  • Merch andisers
  • Accounts Executives
  • Computer programmers and operators
  • Customer support executives
  • Direct sales executives
  • Graduate engineer trainees
  • Front office executives
  • Executive MIS
  • Executive Logistics

Corporate Training & Development

We provide Industrial Training Service. Satisfying customers is the primary goal and to achieve this as an organization has to keep on upgrading their work force regularly. To cope up in today�s competitive market and to make a mark every organization always gives focus on the training of the professionals of the organizations. The priority is given on: Upgrading and improving the managerial and technical ability of their workforce. Emphasis is given to improvise the efficiency of the team and capability to work in group. Priority is given to develop the analytical skill. Services we offer include:

Training need identification, evaluation of training, workshops/seminars and in house training. Strengths:
  • Qualified & Experienced Trainer(s)
  • Tailor made Programme design `
  • Single Window Service- Design
  • Implementation & Evaluation
  • Organizing support- Venue, Food, Stationery and A/V Aids
  • Effective Methodology
Facility Services

Our Facility Management is committed to the highest levels of professionalism in delivering facility services

  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Institutions and allied establishments

This includes house-keeping, pantry chauffeur services and support staff such as receptionists, telephone operators, office assistants and technical maintenance staff, etc.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Manager are there to support our officers and our clients, to manage the vital communication process, which is crucial to the on-going success of a contract. Our managers are dedicated to the continuous improvement of service delivery and monitor performance of an individual site. And they are in direct contact with the directors and clients if difficulties need to be resolved for taking an pro-active approach to resolved problem with clients and staff.